Sunday, 4 June 2017

Characterizing species of the upper eulittoal shore

The upper eulittoral shore hosts species that can with stand exposure to the atmosphere, many have adaptations to reduce water loss. Lichens are tough and barnacles and limpets occur in close proximity to create cooler, damper micro climates.
The communities you find on the upper eulittoral shore will differ depending on the wave exposure.
Below are images of characterizing species of the upper eulittoral shore:

Fucus spiralis occurs on sheltered to moderately exposed shores
On more exposed shores barnacles and shallow coralline rockpools occur.

Lichina pygmaea and small periwinkles (Melarhaphe neritoides) occur among the barnacles on South West shores.

Mytilus edulis also occur in low numbers

Often seaweeds from the sublittoral are washed up onto the upper eulittoral shore.

In summer porphyra sp can cover upper eulittoral shore rock.

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