Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Embryo Dunes at Winterton, Norfolk

It is great to see embryo Dunes forming Infront of the main dune system between Hemsby and Winterton. The coast here is subject to erosion but dunes protect the land behind. I hope these dunes will one day grow up like those behind!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Red Seaweed Identification

A diverse array of red seaweeds occur within the intertidal many of which require specialist terminology and equipment to identify them. 

The following posts include images of common red seaweed groups and seaweeds that can be identified in the field.

The first step in identifying red seaweeds is to be able to recognize the major groups, then try to recognize the family and note the habitat in which the seaweed is found. 

The most commonly recorded red seaweeds belong to the following orders:

Ahnfeltiales, Bangiales, Bonnemaisoniales, Ceramiales, Corallinales, Gigartinales, 
Gelidiales, Palmariales, Plocamiales,  Nemaliales and Rhodymeniales.

The orders Ceramiales, Corallinales, Gigartinales and Rhodymeniales contain the highest 
 number of common intertidal red seaweeds.

A tree weed - Washed up onto the shore at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk December 2014